Musescore crashes and won't reopen file.

• Apr 21, 2015 - 18:24

A week ago I reported Musescore crashing when saving and then would no longer access the file. I got help opening the hidden file Musescore created and that solved my problem - then.

Now- Musescore continues to do the same thing - crashing when saving or when I try to paste chord symbols over multiple bars. Then I must recover the hidden file and try again.

I am attached the recovered and renamed file for examination.

This problem is happening so often that I can't do any reliable work in Musescore. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Into The Night Quintet Final.mscz 47.51 KB


How would you paste chord symbols (and chord symbols only)?

If I copy one (select, Ctrl C) and then select several notes/rests (in a listselect, click, Ctrl-click, Ctrl-click ...), a paste (Ctrl-v) just works.

I can reproduce a crash in the posted score as follows:

1) select all chord symbols in piano part from measures 34 - 37
2) copy
3) click first note of bass part in measure 34
4) paste

The problem seems to stem from the chord symbol in bar 36. It's actually attached to the bass clef staff rather than the treble clef staff, and this is somehow confusing the code that handles the pasting.

I suspect if you fix that chord symbol and any others like it, that will solve your crashing problem. But meanwhile, I will be looking at fixing the code.

EDIT: see #57226: Crash pasting chords symbols from different staves. Thanks for reporting this. Shouldn't be a problem.

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