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• Apr 21, 2015 - 10:53

Hy to everybody,
I have installed musescore 2.0 in my windows xp, it works very well. Then I’ve tried to input some notes with a usb piano. I followed the instruction very clear, but I encountered some problems. First one is that the program do not accept the input from the piano, only from the mouse. I tried several “actions” and finally I found the way to write notes even if I do not know which was the correct command to start the input (N key is not enough). Here the second issue the notes are put all together in a huge chord. Basically I am not able to tell muse that are several single notes played one after another, not a chord. I tried with new score, different time etc etc but with no success. My impression is that I have to set something on the muse program or on the piano. I looked through the forum but did not find the solution. Do you know what is happening and how to set correctly the “muse”?
The piano is a clavinova linked via the usb, I understand that is the correct way from the yamaha manual. I did not try the midi in/out plugs.
I tried to search in the forum but with no luck.
Thanks for your time, Luca


It sounds kind of like the Shift key is stuck on your keyboard, although that seems unlikely. I recall at one one other person having an issue similar to this - you might try searching this site to see if you can find that discussion and see if they figured out the problem. In general, it should work;

But btw, it is not the case that your only two choices are mosue or MIDI. The most common / recommended way of entering notes is to simply type them - the letter "C" on the computer keyboard enters a C, etc. For 2.0, there is also the on-screen Piano Keyboard which you can access by pressing "P".

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thank Marc for your replay, but I think that last night I have found the solution. It is very easy simply: I did not input the notes but I played the piano. The results is that the music score is a single chord. I tried to input single note or chord and it works. I mean: I play the note c, I release the piano key and I play another note. Musescore writes correctly the notes
Sorry but I am not familiar with this input and even the very simple issue for me are new.
I was dreaming to play piano with two hands and get a score written in both the bass e treble line with the correct note duration. Today I woke up.

I will try the piano and check the shift.
Thanks again

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Welcome aboard.

MuseScore, a music notation application, records MIDI keyboard input in 'step time' rather than 'real time'.

To record a 'live' performance (i.e. in real time via MIDI input) would require a sequencer app, not a notaion app. The MIDI output from the sequencer application could then be opened in MuseScore.
However, this is not the most efficient way to get a printable (and human readable) score onto paper, because the MIDI sequencer records *all* the note events, including the mistakes, timing nuances, and idiosyncrasies of the human performance - usually resulting in much needed 'cleanup' of the printable score.

I agree with Marc that computer keyboard entry of notes and their time values is, for most of us, the efficient way to go.


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