2 bugs

• Apr 21, 2015 - 10:17

I was arranging a song with ukulele chords, and when I press playback, it will play normally. However, when the chords are being played, Musescore 2 will lag very badly and play very slowly. The other problem is with the acciaccaturas in the ocarina. When played, they will last way too long and won't stop until I pause the playback. This won't happen in the ukulele. Please help!


Regarding the first problem, sounds like maybe something has become messed up on your system, or perhaps some other program is interfering. Try closing and restarting MuseScore, and if that doesn't help, rebooting.

As for the second, can you post the specific score and steps to reproduce the problem?

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Was this score created by importing a file from another program? It seems maybe so, and that is why the castanets are playing using a piano sound. If so, a problem in the original MusicXML file might explain whatever is going on with these grace notes as well. Only some of them seem to be a problem, and as mentioned, entering them again from scratch works. If the file was from MusicXML, can you post the original? If not, can you remember anything unusual about how you created those grace notes?

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