Style- Not Straight

• Apr 20, 2015 - 22:32

Hi! I am doing an a Capella arrangement of the song Landslide (the Dixie Chicks version), and I was wondering if there was a way to make my arrangement sound not so 'straight.' I know you can swing 8th notes but that doesn't seem to help obtain the style I am looking for... Thanks for the help.


You'd have to be more specific, I'm afraid. other than the swing option, there is no single thing you can to not sound "straight:, but depending on what specifically is bothering you, there may be ways to achieve that effect with some manual adjustments. Do keep in mind, though, that the point of MuseScore is not to create highly polished audio recordings, but rather, to create highly polished notated scores. The playback feature is just meant as a guide. If you really want to spend hours hand-tweaking the playback, you'd probably be better off exporting to MIDI then doing the tweaking in a sequencer or DAW software that specializes in playback.

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Right click one lyrics, Select / All similar elements in same staff, Ctrl+C to copy, then click the destination note, Ctrl+V to paste. This will only work if the rhyhtms are basically the same - MuseScore can't really know for sure which lyrics go with which notes otherwise.

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