Instrument/staff names in continuous view

• Apr 20, 2015 - 20:41

How my score looks like in continuous view. I don't enjoy it very much, because I lose the staff/instrument names when I scroll. I see alto sax and bandoneon, but then I have no clue what the rest are. I even lose the clefs. Kind of destroys the idea of continuous view and the grey vertical bar to the left.

I use version 2.0.0, rev. 6e47f74


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I can confirm the bug with this score in particular. It seems to be caused by the missing initial time signature. I can reproduce it in a score created from scratch if I delete its time signature as well, although not always - probably also has to do with the number of staves, length of instrument names, etc. Anyhow, solution for now is to simply add back the missing time signature.

This score seems very unusual in its set up. Aside from the missing time signature, do you really intend to have three staves on a single violin instrument, for example, as opposed to the more usual arrangement of having three separate instruments? And one of the viola staves bracketed with the violins, and clarinet and piano with no name, etc? Was this perhaps imported from MIDI or from some other format?

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I have no idea why the time signature is missing. I just put it back and it seemed to fix the problem. Sure the bug remains, since one might not want any time signature every time.

Yes, this is a bit unusual score. It is going to be a conventional score at some point, but for now it's more about creating a sound track. Putting Three staves on one instrument was a mistake. My intention was probably to make them appear more bunched together to make the continuous view clearer, since these instrument names didn't appear correctly in the grey bar. The bracketing Went somehow wrong, when I added staves. I might have started this score in 1.3 and then moved on to all different 2.0 versions and finally end up in this stable release.

I need to separate the staves to separate instruments, because I want to pan them differently. But that shouldn't be a problem. Probably just copy and paste.

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