Web score player absent, Firefox Ubuntu 14.10

• Apr 20, 2015 - 14:29

I visited my Ubuntu box and was disappointed to find that the score player (the upper bar with the play control and progress bar) was missing from Musescore.org/com scores. This is an up-to-patches Ubuntu 14.10. Has anyone seen this, or is there anything I should load? This is using the Firefox that is current in that distro.


You mean, you visit the web site with your web browser and don't see those controls? Is there a specific URL you can post that shows the problem for you? Works fine for me on Ubuntu with the scores I have tried to access.

O magnum mysterium et sacramentum not so admirabile here. I'm running 14.10 out of the box, have no add-ons, and have verified that about:config/javascript:enabled is "true". I have verified that this happens on all scores on the site. Is there some player or something that arrives by accident from somewhere else that it needs/uses? Maybe I have to actually add NoScript as Shoichi suggests?

Well, thanks for trying, guys. I'm still very eager to know the answer (I was thinking of building on Ubuntu, but wisely tried running the site first).

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I'm using UbuntuStudio 1404 (all up to date) with Firefox 37.0.1 and I have had NoScript installed for years. (NoScript could stop things from happening but you don't need to install it to get things to happen).

In any case, I didn't do anything special, the playback just works.

Solved. I opened the javascript debugger (after pursuing the possible disablement thereof), and watched all too little happen when it tried to access the flash plugin. Well, the flash plugin doesn't come in the box with the out-of-the-box 14.10. Adobe doesn't believe in Linux anymore, so you just can't click on a box on the Adobe web site, I had to apt-get install flashplugin-installer; restart firefox and there are the missing controls. Should be noted by all future victims of this problem:
Thanks for your testing, guys.

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