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• Apr 20, 2015 - 05:42

Hi all

Is there any way to combine data elements in headers and footers to do the following:
1. HEADER: [title of piece] [the word "page"] [page number]. make it invisible on page 1

or just [the word "page"] [page number]?

2. FOOTER: copyright in center of first page, [title of piece] [the word "page"] [page number] in center on subsequent pages.

3. is it possible to have header or footer with 2 lines?

4. is it possible to combine font sizes in a single header or footer, for example copyright in small font in center of page, page number in larger or bold font on L and R?

5. is it possible to position the header and footer on the page, or does the music system layout need to be changed instead (collisions of page numbers & measure numbers, for example)



1) you can enter whatever you want for the header, and if "show first" is unchecked, then it won't sho on the first page

2) hover your mouse in the text area where you type the footer (or header) and you'll see the commands for making the page number appear on all pages except the first ($p) and the copyright appear on teh first page only ($C).

3) the text area for header and footer lets you type as many lines as you like

4) it is not currently possible to have mixed fonts in the header or footer to my knowledge

5) I don't understand - you want the header and footer "on the page" as oppose to what? They are alrady on the page, are they not? Posting the specific score you are wondering about would help

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sorry if i wasnt clear.

1. is it possible to put title AND the word "page" AND the page number together in the same header? for example:

"My Awesome Symphony" Horn 2, page 14

2. Is it possible to have one element (i.e. copyright) on the center of page 1, but a different element (i.e. page number) in the center of all the subsequent pages?

3. I can type several lines in the text area, but the top one is the only one displaying.

4. Answered

5. Is it possible to ADJUST THE POSITIONING of the headers and footers, or do i have to mess with system layout if i have collisions between music and header/footer text?

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1) You can certainly put the work "page" and the page number in the same header, but there is no way to make the word "page" only appear on pages > 1.

2) As answered, yes, yes, just combine the the elements already described

3) Are you sure you are using the proper odd/even page? multi-line line headers / footers definitelydo work. if you have a sepcific score where they don't, you'd have to post it in order for us to understand what unioque qualities of that particular score are causing this not to work.

5) No, you don't necessarily have to mess with *system* layout. Position of header and footer is determined by your page margin settings and the text style for the header and footer. That is, whatever you set as the vertical offset in the footer text style is applied relative to the bottom page margin. By default, there would not normally be any collision between the page contents and the footer, because the default value for the footer text style places it outside the main printable area of the page, below the border of the bottom margin b(turn on view / page margins to see). If your music is extending into that margin, then you probably don't have a big enough setting for Music lower margin, which controls amount of space between the bottom of the last staff on the page and the bottom margin. But again, it's easier to give relevant answers if you post the score you are having problems with so we can see for ourselves what you are talking about.

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