Cannot open this file any more

• Apr 19, 2015 - 16:58

Musescore crashed. Since then I cannot open the file Durch-die-Nacht.mscz any more.
Could anybody help me?
I work on AchLinux, Musescore 2


Attachment Size
Durch-die-Nacht.mscz 170 bytes


With only 170 bytes left in the file, it would appear you've lost it. Sorry about that. I've had that happen with some records files that were non-replaceable, wouldn't you know it, just as I was backing them up. It's no fun to lose something important irretrievably. It is theoretically possible with an expensive hard drive analysis (assuming the file had been on a hard disk) to restore a file like that, but hardly practical for the average person. You have my sympathies.

Before giving up all hope, please refer to Jojo's link.

Regarding the session directory, and according to the handbook: 'Each file will have an auto-generated name.'
This auto-generated name will not be recognizable as the name of your score, but rather will consist of alpha-numeric characters ending with the MuseScore file extension .mscz --> for example: scGq4184.mscz


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