Starting playback with repeats in a certain order causes a crash

• Apr 19, 2015 - 16:45
S2 - Critical

Nightly a757b42/ Windows 7

Open this file: minimal test.mscz

or apply the following steps

1) "My first score", 4 measures. Fill with notes or not.
2) Drag and drop a "Segno" sign in measure 1
3) Ditto: "To Coda" in measure 2
4) Ditto: "Coda" sign in measure 4
5) Ditto: "DS al Coda" in measure 4 too

6) Now, Hit on Start Playback

Result: crash

Additionnal notes: I don't understand what exactly happens. If you delete one (no matter which one) of these four repeats signs, there is no crash.

- This Nightly works: 5ef66ca
- Not this one: feafcc2

So: might be a side effect of this commit on April 14:…
To fix: #52511: Musescore 2.0 resolves DC al coda before repeat bars.
and #23773: After the coda, a repeat mark was a neglected playing.

- Original file : 0Reprises complexes 2_0.mscz (in this thread :


The current behavior is as follow, MuseScore goes to measure 1 to 4 and see the DS al coda. So it jumps at measure 1 and go until measure 2, take the To Coda to measure 4. At measure 4, it takes the DS al coda *again* and go back to measure 1 and so on. Infinite loop.