File corrupted - Originally made with MuseScore 2 beta 1

• Apr 19, 2015 - 10:24


I made this transcription some time ago with MuseScore beta 1, now when I open it with MuseScore 2 I got "File corrupted path to file" with this info:

Bar 19 Stave 2 incomplete. Expected: 9/8; Found: 48/48
Bar 20 Stave 3 incomplete. Expected: 9/8; Found: 10/8


I tried to inspect those bars but I can't figure out the problem.


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I think the messages seem accurate. Compare staff 3 with the others in measure 20. Notice that it begins with a quarter rest whereas the others begin with an eighth rest? Not as obvious in measure 19 staff 2, but put your cursor on the first note then press right arrow while watching the status bar. The third and fifth notes are somehow not part of the tuplet.

Probably best to just completely rmeove thsoe two measures then insert new ones and re-enter the music.

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