Export audio without trailing empty measures

• Apr 18, 2015 - 15:39

In MuseScore 1.x, the exported audio of a score with empty measures at the end would not include the empty measures (i.e. no trailing silence at the end of the audio). In MuseScore 2.0, trailing empty measures are exported and the exported audio contains silence at the end.

Is there a way to invoke the 1.x behaviour without manually deleting the empty measures before exporting? While I can see good reasons for the 2.0 behaviour, I frequently export audio of drafts with many trailing empty measures and it's annoying for both me and the listener to have a track that's 2 minutes long with only 30 seconds of content.

If not, perhaps this can be implemented as a setting?

I'm using MuseScore v2.0.0 r3543170 on Arch Linux 64-bit, kernel version 3.19.3.


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