Copy multiple measures and paste elsewhere

• Apr 17, 2015 - 13:49

I made a main score of a quarter that has all the parts on it, but I also want to make each individual part have its own separate paper. I don't want to copy and paste each individual measure, so is there a way I can select an entire line or instrument in a score and copy and paste it to another score?


In 2.0 you can have linked parts, no need to copy/past anything, just enter your full score, then generate the parts.
if something is missing or wrong, just add/correct it in score or part and it'll propagate to the other, except for everything that is layout related.

Indeed, you don't want to use copy and paste here - File / Parts does everything you need autoamtically in a couple of seconds. But for the record, copy and paste of multiple measures is perfectly possible. Just select the measures using any standard methods of selecting things - ewg, click one measure, shift+click another, or click one measure and press Shift+right to extend selection a little bit at a time, or Shift+Ctrl+Right, or Shift_Ctrl+End - all the same shortcuts used by most programs to do selections.

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