Courtesy Time Signatures Not Needed but Won't Be Removed

• Apr 17, 2015 - 01:41

I have a piece (just one) that decided to add time signatures at the END of each line (the time signature does not change thoughout the piece). When I try to select and delete these, nothing happens. Any ideas?
Jim J.


Sorry, I notice that the piece DOES have TWO changes in time-signature, near the end. There SHOULD be a warning of those two upcoming time changes. However the rest of the piece does NOT change time signature and yet each line warns of the continuing 4/4 time.

It's hard to say much without seeing your score. But I'm guessing you inadvertently added a time signature "change" (even if to the same time signature) to the beginning of the next line, and that's what you need to delete. If the score came from MuscXML import, then it could be the fault of the program that created the MusicXML. Or, if the score was originally created in an earlier beta / nightly experimental prerelease build, perhaps a bug in MuseScore created these.

If this happened in a score you created from scratch in the released version of MuseScore and you are positive you did not add the time signatures yourslef, then *definitely* post the score, so we can try to see if we can understand how this might have happened. Anything you can remember about when the extra time signatures appeared would also be helpful.

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I apologize because I remember that I DID do something to cause this. I just don't remember what it was. My objective was to create single-line examples for piano sight-reading, with double bars at the end of each line. The examples were to be in several different time signatures but most were in 4/4 time. In a single piece, the first line carries the time signature but it doesn't repeat in subsequent lines unless the time signature CHANGES. Since I was trying to create multiple one-line pieces, I needed a time signature on each line. -- I don't remember what I did but I found a way to force this to happen, even if the time signature DIDN'T change. So I think I generated my problem. I can live with it or maybe I'll find a better way.

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Well, that makes perfect ense then. If you add an explicit time signature at the beginning of a system, then you will get courtesy time signature at the end of the previous system. They can be suppressed by clicking the *real* time signature (the one at the start of the system) then unchecking the "Show courtesy" option in the Inspector or right click menu. Or turn off courtesy time signatures globally for the score in Style / General / Page.

Also, conisder using the "Section break" (Breaks & Spacers palette). If you add one of these to end of each section, then time signature changes, key signatures changes, and clef changes won't try to create courtesies. Currently, you have to add the break *before* the time/key/clef change.

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