Can't Install Suond Fonts in 2.0 (SF2 Files)

• Apr 16, 2015 - 19:23

Hello everyone I'm sure I am not the first person with this problem, but here I go. I just recently updated from musescore 1.3 to 2.0 and I am having trouble trying to get my old sound fonts to work with 2.0. I have tried double clicking the soundfont files and installing them into musescore, but after I click the yes box for it to install I go into view > Synthesizer and click add in fluid and there is nothing there. Also I have tried adding a folder with my soundfonts in it in edit > preferences > folders and then go into fluid and click add and still nothing there. Why would they take out the old soundfont selector and put in this new one that doesn't work, or am I just not doing it right (which I hope is the problem).

OS: Trisquel GNU/Linux 64-bit


My advice is to first revert to factory settings to undo whatever change you might have made - run MuseScore form command line with "-F" option. Then add you soundfont to the *existing* soundfonts folder - don't create a new one or change you preferences. I'm talking the one MuseScore created for you under MuseScore2 in your home directory - right next to the Scores folder it also created for you. You have to be messing with creating folders or changing preferences. Of course, that should have worked, but it's hard to say what you might have done wrong along the way.

The revert to factory setitngs is probably. Had you ever previously installed a beta or nightly version? If so, that's probably another good reason to revert settings - incompatibilty between the release and pre-lease versions are the source of many issues like this.

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Thanks for the help Marc. In the terminal I ran musescore -F and then did a musescore -R to reset the settings. The existing soundfont folder in /Documents/MuseScore2/Soundfonts has nothing in it and I can't put anything in it because I can only read it. I would have to be root user to read and write in it (I have no Idea how to be root user in Trisquel). I have attached a screenshot to show what my problem is.

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OK after fiddling around a lot I figured it out! For some reason my OS does not let me log in and use the GUI as root user so I had to go into the terminal as root user and use a command to copy the file to musescore's specified soundfont folder.

First in terminal I typed "sudo -s" and entered my password to become root user. Then I found the directory of my SoundFont file that I wanted to copy: /home/atari/Musescore/Sonatina_Symphonic_Orchestra.sf2

Next I found where I wanted to copy it so musesore would see it:

Then I put it all together and used sudo cp to copy the file to the folder for musescore's soundfonts:
"sudo cp /home/atari/Musescore/Sonatina_Symphonic_Orchestra.sf2 /usr/share/mscore-2.0/sound;/home/atari/Documents/MuseScore2/Soundfonts"

Then I opened Musescore, went to the synthesizer window, clicked add and the Symphonic_Orchestra.sft2 was there. Success! I would imagine that For other Linux distros you can just log in as root user or change your account to root user to copy files to musescore's soundfont folder. I don't know why mine was being so fussy.

P.S. Marc: Tell Lynn Baker hello for me (Noah Ferguson) and my music teacher Jim Olsen!

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(just was talking to Lynn earlier today, but before seeing your message :-)

Regartidng your installation, something seems wrong. MuseScore should not have created folders under /Documents unless you were running as root. It should be creating them in ~/Documents - that is, under your home directoy. So you should have had permissions all along.

What I'd do if I were is undo everything you've done, revert to fsctory again, and start MsueScore *being sure to be logged as yourself and no root, and not using sudo*. See if it creates the folders correctly this time. If not, I still would settle for folders not under my home directory. I think you should recreate the folder structure under your home directory yourself (maybe just copy the tree there), then go to Edit / Preferences and tell MuseScore that is where these folders are. You files should be in a folder you own and can write to under your home directory. And you should *not* be polluting the installation folder with your own files. You should not install soundfonts anywhere but ~/Documents/Soundfonts.

Your command "sudo cp /home/atari/Musescore/Sonatina_Symphonic_Orchestra.sf2 /usr/share/mscore-2.0/sound;/home/atari/Documents/MuseScore2/Soundfonts" confuses me. Are you perhaps not seeing the ";" in that path? That is not meant to be a single folder you can copy to - it's a semicolon-separated *list* of paths that MuseScore searches. The first is MuseScore's own folder that you should *not* be messing with. The second is your personal soundfont folder, and that is the only one you should be trying to copy files into or otherwise modifying.

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OK so I noticed the semicolon after I ran the command and I guess it disregarded it and just copied it to the first location (the usr share one). The only problem I ever had was just trying to copy my soundfonts to the folder in /home/atari/documents/MuseScore2 which is apparently locked and requires root user to make changes to it. That was a simple fix, all I ever had to do was run "sudo chmod a+rwx /home/atari/Documents/MuseScore2/Soundfonts" after that I was able to put my soundfonts in. Upon using musescore I noticed that any changes I tried to make to the preferences was lost after I exited and re-opened the program. That is my real problem. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I am using a weird distro of linux (Trisquel). Maybe I just installed it from the wrong repository - it says it is for Trusty Tahr (Ububtu 14.04.2) so is there a different repository for GNU/Linux that I should download musescore from instead? Also I ran "musescore -R" again and reinstalled and it still wont save changes.

P.S. Next time you see him ask Lynn about my piece "Gerbil Thing". That might also help him remember me it's been a couple years.

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I've never used -R, but would recommend -F instead as a more complete reset.

MuseScore is trying to write the preferences somewhere, but if you don't have write permissions in folders created under your own home folder, that is probably the issue, but it's a bigger issue than MuseScore - seems you'd be having all sorts of problems left and write if you dont' have write access to folders under your own home folder?

I think on Linux the preferences get written to something like ~/.config/MuseScore/MuseScore2.ini

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Thanks for all of the help mark. I do have access to everything in my home folder that's not the issue. I did a search for musescore in all of my files and everything that has to do with musescore has a lock icon on it. I don't know how but musescore somehow installed itself under root user and I have no access to change the things it installed unless I go and do the command to "unlock" them. For now I will just use musescore how it is (I can still save files just not to the scores folder that doesn't matter I like to put them in documents anyway). I will try -F and get back to you.

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OK I opened musescore as root user ("sudo -s" and then "sudo musescore") and it saved my settings! My next step is that I need to completely re-install musescore and not install it as root user. I don't know how to do that since the only way I know how to install musescore 2.0 is by doing "sudo apt-get install musescore"

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