Jumps and repeats

• Apr 15, 2015 - 00:19

So im only using the drumset and i have bar line repeats. im trying to use the D.S. al Coda to get back to the part that also has bar line repeats. unfortunately, it doesnt play the repeats and continues through. However it does take me back to where i want to go. what do i do


Hard to say without more info - like what version of MuseScore, and the actual score you are having problems with. It could be your road map is too come, or there might be errors in your score, or it could be a bug (a couple were just fixed today and should be in the next update).

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There's a few things going on. The biggest is that you used a DS al Coda but didn't include a "To Coda" or coda. That wouldn't throw a human performer, at least not right away - they'd be confused only when they got to the end again and wondered when they were suppsed to stop. But MuseScore needs a complete roadmap in order to follow any jumps at all. Simply adding a to Coda and coda will help.

Still, that said, both 1.3 have bugs - different bugs - involving cases where the sign or ds or coda is on a measure that also has a repeat sign. The current nightly builds that will soon become 2.0.1 play your score correctly once you add the missing to coda and coda.

Actually, as far as I can tell, 1.3 plays correctly as well. Are you expecting the repeats to be taken on the DS? That's non-standard - the norm is to *not* take repeats on the DS, and that's what MuseScore does. As a future enhancement, we might add an option to support non-standard directions like "DS, and take repeats", but for now, if you want that playback effect, you will have to copy and paste rather than use the DS.

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