MIDI Keyboard Transport (Remote Control) not working

• Apr 30, 2010 - 03:31
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

I originally downloaded version 0.9.5 for windows (running on Windows 7). I wasn't able to use it with my Akai MPK88 (USB Keyboard with lots of MIDI controls on it). I would play notes on the keyboard but Musescore wouldn't create any sound or make any notes on the score.

However, after grabbing the nightly build (from 4/28/2010) the keyboard was selectable in the Preferences I/O tab. Choosing the right keyboard worked perfectly. However, in the Preferences Note Entry tab, I have MIDI Remote Control checked, but the transport buttons on my keyboard don't work (Stop, Record, Rewind and Play). I've configured it to send MMC commands and also basic MIDI commands (Ctrl 117, 119, 115 and 118 respectively). Why kinds of messages is Musescore expecting here? Is this a bug in the code or a setup problem?

These controls work in Sibelius, Reason and Propellerhead Record.


This is not a duplicate. The issues isn't whether or not one can choose a MIDI Keyboard, but rather whether or not the MIDI Remote Control buttons work. Pressing Play, Stop, Record or Rewind on the keyboard dont do anything.

This feature is not implemented. The UI is in place but there is no way to assign a midi command with an action in the code.
I guess it will be postpone to next version.
Maybe we should hide the UI to don't raise expectation.