Using control signals from midi

• Apr 13, 2015 - 11:42

I don't know if thats a bug or the feature isn't supported yet. I can't use midi signals other than notes, but especially when it comes the MIDI remote control I wanna use f.e. start/stop/replay, selection of duration etc.

The recording of this kind of buttons doesn't work, the program doesn't recongnize it. I'm using an Axiom 61 MK2.

Thanks a lot.


See Edit / Preferences / Note Input. There you can set up MIDI remote control for a number of commands, including play and note duration. Unless you are saying that this is what you are trying and it isn't working for you? Is so, can you please describe precisely, step by step, what you are doing.

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when I choose a command in the MIDI Remote Control (f.e. play) and click the red button (learn/map) musescore only recognizes key notes played. When I press a button like "PLAY" or anything like that ("STOP" "RECORD" etc.) on my Axiom, musescore simply stays in the recognize mode (red button still active, nothing mapped).

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