Switched instrument not muting on solo

• Apr 11, 2015 - 17:18


An instrument that has been switched mid-staff does not mute when another instrument has the "Solo" box checked in the mixer (problem 1). If the switched instrument is then put on solo and both solos are unchecked after, the switched instrument no longer sounds (problem 2).

Expected behaviour

The switched instrument should be muted when the Solo box for another instrument is checked, and not muted when no Solo boxes are checked.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a score with two instruments, Instr1 and Instr2
  2. Add notes to both
  3. Switch the instrument for Instr1 mid-staff using the Instrument Change item in the Text palette (Instr3)
  4. Open the mixer and check the "Solo" box for Instr2
  5. Play (problem 1).
  6. Check the "Solo" box for Instr3
  7. Play
  8. Uncheck both "Solo" boxes
  9. Play (problem 2)

Attached is a reference score. Instr1: Piano; Instr2: Oboe; Instr3: Harpsichord.

System specs

MuseScore v2.0.0 r3543170 on Arch Linux 64-bit, kernel version 3.19.3.

Attachment Size
Switch_instrument_solo.mscz 8.02 KB


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