Adding a pickup bar to an existing score after the fact

• Apr 8, 2015 - 22:39


Wondering if there's a way to add a partial bar to the front of a score after its already been created. So far, the only way I've been able to figure out how to do this is to create a new score, add the pickup, and then cut and paste from an old one. Rather laborious. I had hoped I could insert a measure and then edit that measure's properties but was unsuccessful.




1. Click on an empty spot in the existing first measure. The measure will be highlighted.
2. Use menu item: Add / Measures / Insert One Measure. (Keyboard shortcut is Insert key).
3. Right click in the newly created measure and in Measure Properties set the actual duration to the value of the pickup bar.
4. Enter notes in the pickup bar.


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Thanks that works fine.

New question: Is there also a way to reduce the count from the front of the measure? I tried to redefine my existing first measure (which had 3 of the 4 counts as rests) and MS4 did everything I wanted, but also deleted the notes that were already there, and replaced them with rests.
It was easy enough to add the pickup measure in front of the system, copy only the last notes of the (now redundant) measure into it, and delete the original measure. But it could be quicker to be allowed to redefine the length of the first measure, by reducing it from the front, rather than from the back.

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