Mapping all channels to one to avoid double note input

• Apr 7, 2015 - 21:48

Some midi keyboards send out notes on ch1 and ch2 for example for right and left hand or send to zone 1 and zone 2, zone 3 also in separate channels. So if a midikbd is connected to ms's midiin and midi input and note input are activated and you input notes from kbd, you will get two same notes in ms's staff per one stroke on the kbd's key. We would like to request some module to control ms's midi input, for example to discard all channels except ch 1 to get rid of multiple same notes for one stroke.
Another wish is to have an ability to combine midi and note input, i.e. to switch them on and off by one key/shortcut.
Also playback stutters if ms's midi input is ON. I have to switch it off before playback. And one more wish is to have sound from ms switched off during midi input since midikbd can be directly connected to carla in addition to ms. If i input notes into ms the sustain is not heard, and lengths of pressings are not observed since i have to choose the lengths of notes manually before input. I can overcome this by having the second connection directly to carla. So it would be good to be able to switch off sounds during midi input into ms since the direct connection from midikdb to carla can be used to hear notes but at the same time to retain the ability to hear sounds from ms on clicking by mouse on the notes to check pitch for example.


Playback should not stutter, there must be something unique to your particular MIDI configuration. Please provide as many details as possible. If there is a bug that causes stuttering in some valid configuration, it is better to fix the bug than to implement a command whose only purpose is to workaround that bug.

It sounds to me as though you're experiencing the phenomenon known as MIDI Echo where the key press is sent out from the keyboard into the software and is echoed back to the keyboard via its IN socket.

I have experienced this myself when using JACK, which, if the connections aren't set up right will echo the current note back through MuseScore, thus setting up an endless loop of notes.

In order to track down where this is ocurring we will need to know exact details of your MIDI Hardware setup, including which cables are connected to which port, and how you are connecting to MuseScore.

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