Chord symbol style anomaly

• Apr 7, 2015 - 18:34

I prefer the "symbol" notation for chord charts, i.e. triangles instead of Maj7 etc. because it is more concise an unambiguous. In the 1.? and the 2.0 earlier beta, whenever I switched a chart this style under general styles, all my chords that had been entered in the original with "m" for minor, suddenly and magically switched to my preferred which is "-" ... It actually surprised me. In the latest beta they no longer do this. They probably shouldn't, as I'm guessing there is underlying hard data that needs to change.

So I have been tediously editing the chord symbols, changing m to - and Maj7 to ma7 changing o to dim so it displays and prints like I like. etc. Is there some quick way to do this all at once (like it used to automatically do)? It's a very systematic change.


The old 1.3 chord description files are obsolete and shouldn't be used any more - they are provided just for compatibility with old files. The way to get the triangle now is just type "t" or "^" (closest shape I could think of). This works in either the Standard or Jazz styles.

So basically, you shoudln't "switch" a chart to this style, just type it that way in the first place. If you have old 1.3 files that used the old cchords_sym file, though it should continue to work. Just don't use cchords_sym for any *new* scores - it will defeat some of the new features and make it harder to support those scores going forward.

Now, if you have a 1.3 chart that current does *not* use cchords_sym and you want to use it in 2.0 and also convert it to the triangles, I guess changing to cchords_sym would be OK. And it should work - I tried it and it did for me. So I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say "they no longer do this". Could you post the score you are having trouble with an precise step by instructions to reproduce the problem?

BTW, there is no "latest beta" - the current 2.0 is the real thing :-)

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