Enharmonic ties

• Apr 7, 2015 - 17:53

I have both read and written music where a note is tied to its own enharmonic respelling (usually across a notation-changing modulation). I haven't been able to make MuseScore do this; can it?


The attached has a G# tied to an Ab. I just entered the notes then selected the second note in the tie and pressed the J key. Maybe it's not what you're after. Have you got a particular example that you can't get to work?

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It's completely duplicatable. Create an empty score, enter two C half notes, tie them. Click the first one. Click on sharp. Click the second one. Hit J. Click on flat; the tie vanishes. Put back the tie. The flat vanishes.

The case in your example, tie across a notated key change, is an important one, but my cases lack that, and require the presence of an accidental on the second note, which doesn't seem to work for tied notes (slur might get the graphics, but not the playback).

Or you could just fake the flat - add a flat symbol from the Symbols palette. If you need to do this a lot you could drag that same symbol onto the bottom of your accidentals palette (where it will lie lurking like a real flat but only look like one on the outside).

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