Sound export failure.zerberus seems cause it.

• Apr 7, 2015 - 16:17

it seems some files are impossible of sound export.Is there any information?
This phenomenon occurs even Webplayer.

1.The problem that happened in MuseScore Software.ex.
;Audio source is soundfont and use default I/O.
;windows8.1 x64
;MuseScore2.0 stable vasion
;Create new score and note input "CDEFGAB".

A:view->synthsizer->zerberus->salamanderGrandpiano->Mixer instruments change->export->wav Export Failure
B:export->wav OK no plobrem.
C:view->synthsizer->fluid sounfont change->mixer->instruments change->export->wav OK
D:fluid sounfont change->save to score->export->wav OK
E:process the "A"->mixer instruments change(not release sfz yet->export->wav OK

2.Look at this
A sound does not come out.and sound of export to mp3 does not come out
musescore->view->synthsizer->zerberus->salamanderGrandpiano->save to score->save online.

;sfz file unload
;make the mixer to the default settings


It seems that the problem is similar to my situation.
I still did not solve.
Generated WAV file is totally silent, there are only click noise at the beginning and at the end.
The duration time of its file is correct.

This problem(phenomenon) only occurs when the synthesizer set to zerberus, and does not occurs when it set to fluid.

About 2, this:
It seems sounding. I could hear on my web browser.
However, I do not know the sounding tone is whether or not your expected.
Isn't it such meaning?

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knoike, information Thank you!
About 1,it seems similarly. Certainly play only I can.

Abour 2,Oh!No sound in my environment. online export mp3 is also silent as well. However, it is no problem that an other score of posted another user.
note:This score is Ground Piano only.
note:I can play this score if I open in MuseScore2.0.

my pc
cpu AMD A8-5500
mem 8G
HDD 1TB over
OS win8.1 pro x64
soundcard onbord Realtek HD Audio ;The expression of this symptom in a different device.

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I was able to understand the problem you say.
At present,
I think that it might be the result in accordance with the specification of the mscz file and the site

Perhaps, the site render the sound according to the soundfont information in mscz file.
However, It is not possible to prepare any all soundfont in advance.
So, in this case, it will become silent.

Workaround at present:
As you know, the way of workaround is "Set the synthesizer to default" and "Save to score".

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