Bug Report - MusicXML Import - Accents and Wedges

• Apr 7, 2015 - 13:50

I've just discovered v2.0 of MuseScore and I've been enjoying many of the great new features, but I have found the following two behaviours in the MusicXML import which I believe to be bugs. I'm new to the forum so please let me know if there's a better place to list this sort of thing.

1. Wedges (crescendo/decrescendo) are imported ONLY if they begin on a note. This is contrary to the the description given in the MusicXML Schema which states (under 'Directions', a wedge being a type of direction):

"A direction is a musical indication that is not attached to a specific note."

2. Standard Accents on a chord consisting of two or more notes are multiplied unnecessarily on MusicXML import, so that for example a four note piano chord with a single accent is imported with FOUR accents stacked vertically above it. (Please see attached jpeg). This is contrary to standard notation practice as described in Elaine Gould's book.


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It seems MuseScore doesn't really support hairpins that don't start on a note, MusicXML or not. It's possible to place a hairpin starting on a note, then drag the start handle so that it physically lays out to the right (or left) of that note, but logically, it needs a note to attach to. I guess if we see an unattached hairpin on import, we should probably attach it to the nearest note.

As for accents, I can't reproduce that problem. I exported a file with an accent on a chord, and it can back with only only one accent. Are you sure your MusicXML isn't erroneously including multiple accents? Can you attach the file and say how it was created (presumably, exporting from some other program)?

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Thanks for your response Marc.

I've attached the XML file that created the multiple accents. (Incidentally it also has the wedge problem with a wedge beginning a 16th after the first note, which MuseScore ignores.)

The XML was created using my own algorithmic composition software, the Transformation Engine.

I'm sure that the XML does not include multiple accents, although my code might be unusual in that it uses the "backup" and "forward" commands to place the accents on the desired beat. This has worked fine for me for several years in Sibelius 6, 7 and Finale. If I adjust the wedge positioning so that it "backup"s to precisely the same tick as the preceding note, MuseScore recognizes it, otherwise not.


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"...every note of those chords has the accent ..."

My apologies , you're right. All the notes in the chord get the accent in the XML. So the problem is in my exporting code. Sorry for the fuss, I should have inspected the XML output more carefully. I thought I had fixed that in an earlier iteration.


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