MuseScore android app issue

• Apr 7, 2015 - 13:26

I've recently updated the MuseScore android app to the latest version and the lines adjusted in a score (hairpins, pedal markings, etended trills, voltas etc.) are in a disorder. By this I mean the lines are in the wrong place. Please try to fix it.


In order to help, it would be necessary to see the score you are having problems with (actual MSCZ file, not just a picture of it).

The Android app uses the same basic layout engine as MuseScore 2.0, so chances are, if it's wrong in the app, it's wrong in 2.0 as well. What might be happening is that the score might not have been created correctly, though. If elements like haipins were attached to the wrong notes and then simply dragged into place rather than being attached correctly in the first palce, this is going to look wrong any time the layout changes. My guess is that this is what is going on here. The solution will be to fix the score, so these elements are attached to the correct elements.

In reply to by KostisP57 is probably using the same basic layout as the origianl, though - same page size, so same number of measures on each system, etc. Whereas when displayed in Android, the page size depends on your screen size and zoom setting, so you're more likely to see a different layout. Change page size in MuseScore and you may see the same changes.

Anyhow, presumably you know which score has the problem and which measures we need to look at to see the problem. So we just need to know that.

Please reach out to us via support at musescore dot com together with a link to the score which gives issues. Thanks!

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