False Error Message on File Load?

• Apr 6, 2015 - 12:18

When I open the attached score I am presented with a "Musescore Load Error" message. Clicking on
"Show Details" tells me :
"Bar 17 Stave 3 incomplete. Expected: 3/4; Found: 1/2
Bar 47 Stave 3 incomplete. Expected: 3/4; Found: 5/4
Bar 63 Stave 3 incomplete. Expected: 3/4; Found: 5/4"

However on inspecting those bars via "Right Click/Bar Properties" they show as 3/4, as do neighbouring bars - I checked in case the bar numbers shown on the score are not the same as those used by the error checking

Edit: Actually, I can see the problem now. In each case the preceding bar has a curious rest. EG bar 62 has a full bar rest and 2 crotchet beats in voice 1. Maybe that's a bug in itself. I'll check with the person who sent me the score and see if he can remember how he managed to do that

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Sorry, I'm not sure what you're asking me. It appears that Musescore's error message is counting the bars differently to the bar numbering process. So, in my example the error message saying that bar 63 is 5/4 when 3/4 was expected actually relates to bar 62 where there are 5 beats in the bar for voice 1 on the 3rd stave - a full bar rest (3 beats) plus a crotchet on beats 2 & 3 (2 beats).

What I'm not sure about is how that could have been entered in the first place unless the bar properties were changed to allow 5 beats in that specific bar. However, Bar Duration shows as 3/4 when I right click and select "Bar Properties", athough I can't see how to restrict that to just one stave: it seems to select all 3 of them

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Internally, the first measure of a score is "0", pickup or not. So yes, sometimes the reported measure in error message differs form the human-readable count. Remember also you can "lie" in measure numbers, having two totally separate measure 15's, for example.

As for how the corruption happens, answer is simple: a bug in whatever version of MuseScore was used to create the score. If it was 1.3 or an earlier beta or nightly build of 2.0, there is a good chance the bug is known and already fixed. If it was with the released version of 2.0, it would be msot helpful to find the series of steps that led to the problem so we can reproduce it and fix the bug!

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The released version? He wasn't ever experimenting with one of the beta or nightly builds?

Very unfortunate if this was with the released version, as it suggests there is something that can cause corrupt in what appears to be a very simple passage. Although perhaps it was first entered as a three-part arrangement and then simplified by deleting the bottom two parts? Even knowing basic things like that could help as wel try to understand how this happened.

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