Start Centre Not showing on Startup

• Apr 6, 2015 - 12:09

I have "Show Start Centre" ticked in Preferences but it doesn't get displayed when I start MS. Is it overridden by "Continue Last Session" or some other setting or does this indicate a bug?


Are you on Linux? Is it perhaps showing underneath the main window? A couple of people on Linux seem to be seeing that. Does it show if you open it explicitly (View / Start Center, or press F4)?

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I have a new problem - although I have "Continue Last Session" checked in Preferences/General when I start MS I no score is displayed. I assume this is related to the original problem I reported whereby the start centre is not showing inspite of being checked in Preferences/General so I thought I'd tag it onto this thread instead of starting a new one. Start Centre is still not showing on startup by the way

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