Horizontal frame before last measure of system creates crowded layout

• Apr 5, 2015 - 16:01
S4 - Minor

GIT commit: 42bdb5f

1) load attached file
2) insert horizontal frame before last measure of system
3) enlarge frame

Result: the last measure should be pushed to the next system long before it is.

This seems to be a special case of the issues in #24100: Horizontal frame at end of system followed by staff names, most of which were fixed, but somehow this particular case still doesn't work correctly.

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This happens any time we have a horizontal frame within a system such that there is exactly one measure after it. That includes cases where the frame was initially added earlier in the system then ienlarged to the point where subsequent measures got pushed to the next line, leaving only one measure after the frame.

Once we have a horizontal frame with only one measure after it, that measure is *always* assumed to fit, simply because layoutSystem - which considering everything that comes after the frame to be a separate system - insists on collecting at least one measure.

Here's a fix: