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• Apr 3, 2015 - 18:24

Here is a midi file I got off the web; I can't reconstruct the place I got it from, but the important thing is that I took it from the web and it is not mine, and whatever problems or features it has other midi files "out there" have them, too; I have no idea what tools were used to produce it. if browsers only accepted "clean, perfect" html, there would be no web.

As you can see, this well-known movement is in C minor, and the three flats are there, but MS' reconstruction does not even seem to recognize the A flat in the key signature, giving me G#'s. There are no transposing instruments. Not getting the leading tone, so B-C trills are between Cb and C, is a tough nut to swallow, too. Midi import should require some hand work, but not every note.

Take a look. Thanks.

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My guess is that this MIDI file likely has the same issue that the other one you posted does - somehow the key signature is encoded in a way MuseScore is not recognziing (like maybe it is within the terack containing the notes rather than the separate timing track like it is apparently supposed to be).

As such, the solution is to correct the key signature glitch by dragging a regular C minor to the first measure to replace the existing one, turn concert pitch mode on (because of the same bug that affects use of "J"), then respell the pitches using Notes / Respell. No need to do every one by hand - MuseScore can automatically correct these sorts of errors. it just needs a tiny bit of help.

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Yes, as I said above, this only works correctly in concert pitch mode, because of the same basic bug that afflicts "J". I had already filed a separate report for this: #53461: Respell Pitches command changes only concert pitch spelling, regardless of current state. Depending on the exact nature of what is going on, you *might* be abel to copy and paste from concert pitch into transposed mode (copy with concert pitch on, toggle it off, then paste). Seems to work to copy in that direction, but not the other, because of the same underlying cause as the "J" bug.

Apparently Werner in the midst of some more changes to handling of concert pitch & enharmonic spellings, in part to solve issues like this, but I think in part to allow mid-score instrument changes to actually come with transposition changes.

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I selected everything with [Ctrl]a and then pressed up-arrow, down-arrow which got rid of most of the sharps but left a few double-flats. I then selected everything again and did down-arrow, up-arrow and this has converted the double-flats into appropriate naturals. Some purists might want a Db instead of a C# here and there but looks acceptably [;ayable to me.

Has this sorted it or am I missing something?

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