Main instrument

• Apr 1, 2015 - 11:02

How do I change the main voice used to play a file? If I open an XML file the melody
is played by piano or, as in one recent case, by a choir! How do I change

Thanks for any help.

Don Walker


If the MusicXML contains information about the instrument, that should be used automatically be recognzied in 2.0. If you are finding otherwise, please psot the MusicXML file you are having problems with so we can see if it really does contain the correct information and why we are not recognizing it.

Using the Mixer as suggested above will indeed change the playback sounds, but depending on exactly what went wrong and why, you might instead want to right click the the staff, Staff Properties, and press Change Instrument, to make sure the transposition, staff names, and usable range are all set correctly as well.

Many thanks for the suggestions.

I have another question: I wish to lower all the notes in a score by an octave. How do I do this?


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