FreeSerif font included with MuseScore is missing italic

• Mar 31, 2015 - 03:12
S5 - Suggestion

At first, I thought FreeSerif just had a rotten italic—it looked exactly the same as the regular type, just stretched diagonally. Luckily, I was interested enough to look the font up online, and found that it does have a perfectly good italic variant. But the version included with MuseScore 2.0 only has FreeSerif and FreeSerifBold!

This is all the worse because musical terms are very likely to be in italic. I've been changing all my styles to use Times New Roman because of this issue. But now I figured it out. Can we make sure to have the full font included with the next release of MuseScore?

(Incidentally, FreeSans is left even worse off, with only the one regular typeface. But I feel that's a lot less likely to be an issue.)

A final note: this is using the Mac version of MuseScore 2. Maybe the fonts are all there in the packages for other operating systems?


FWIW, no, the italic version of FreeSerif is not included in the distribution on other systems either. It is preinstalled on some systems, though, so not everyone will see an issue. In case you hadn't figured this out, you can simply install the font yourself and things will look right away.

But yes, I too agree we should include this. Oddly, we do include a Bold variant, even though that is perhaps more easily "faked".