Zerberus synthesizer does not sound

• Mar 29, 2015 - 09:40

MuseScore2.0, Windows8.1(64bit).

Zerberus synthesizer does not sound.
Please tell me the settings hints.
The settings I did is as following.

0/ Open Demo mscz file "Reunion.mscz" in MuseScore 2.0, and I confirmed that it would be sound by Fluid(Soundfont: FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3, Sound: Yamaha Grand Piano, and so on.).

1/ Download SalamanderGrandPianoV3_48khz24bit.tar.bz2 from http://freepats.zenvoid.org/Piano/, and extract SalamanderGrandPianoV3.sfz from it.

2/ Locate SalamanderGrandPianoV3.sfz to C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore 2\sound.
(The same location of "FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3" )

3/ Open "View" > "Synthesizer" > "Zerberus" Tab, and "Add" SalamanderGrandPianoV3.sfz. And Press "Set as Default".

4/ Open "View" > "Mixer", and select "SalamanderGrandPianoV3" in "Sound:".

In this state, I pressed the play button. But did not sound(silence, nothing is sound.).

I also saw some related topic, but could not be resolved this.


First, instead of installing into MuseScore's own pre-installed soundfont folder, it is better to install into your own. Should be right next to your Scores folder - probably My Documents/MuseScore2/Soundfonts.

Aside from that, though, what you describe shoudl have worked. I just tried it, although I skipped the "Set as Default" step, and it worked fine for me. I left FLuidR3 installed as well; did you?

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No. See the original post - he was trying to put the soundfont into Program Files, as opposed to Documents.

So if you are having the same problem, then the same solution aplies. If that doesn't work, then it's not the same problem :-). So we'd need you to describe your problem in more detail.

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No. As explained above, it needs to go in:

My Documents\MuseScore2\Soundfonts (for Windows)

or whatever folder you have listed in Edit / Preferences. You need to put it there and not in the MuseScore installation folder, which on Windows is usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore. This was the problem the OP was having, so again, if you are having the same problem, then this should solve. If not, then again, you must be having a *different* problem,. so we would need more information - like which soundfont you are trying to install, the exact pathname where you have installed it, the exact steps you then followed to tell MuseScore to use that soundfont, and describe exactly what goes wrong.

How lovely now I have some sound problems too...

I'm looking at the second person's problem and I'm confused on what you guys mean by a sample folder. I previously downloaded a slightly modified version of the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra and I had no difficulty somehow (or I'm just lucky).

So I downloaded the Iowa Piano SFZ and I coverted it into MuseScore and it is sitting in the SoundFonts folder. When I open it through there, it shows me this:
Cannot read file C:/Users/quinn/Documents/MuseScore2/Soundfonts/Iowa MIS Piano.sfz:
unknown type

However, I went into Zerberus and clicked 'Load' and I found the SFZ through there. I selected it in the mixer after that. But when I load it in and do a playback, I hear silence.


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Support for loading an SFZ by clicking on it from your file browser was only added recently, not sure if it's even in a released version yet. Do be sure you're on the latest (2.1) just in case.

As for not getting any sound even after selecting in the mixer, sounds like maybe you downlaoded the SFZ file itself, but not any of the actual audio files that go with it.

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I found the file with all the audio (at least several hundred with each labeled all in a folder) I'm having trouble unpacking... I copied the folder with the subfolders (soft, medium, loud volume folders apparently) that have the WAV files in them. I'm not sure how to convert THAT into SFZ or SF2/3. Thanks for the help!

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In the ZIP file I have the following: credits.txt and Folder named "samples". Inside samples, there are three files, named "piano soft", "piano med", and "piano loud". In each of these files, there are around 100 independent WAV files, each of a different pitch of a sound. I took the file "samples" and copied it into SoundFonts, the file provided default by MuseScore. What do I do next? Thanks for the help, I'm not too experienced in uploading soundfonts.

I use specific scores with few sfz soundfonts where one wav file is used for single note.
Every time I move from one computer to another or reinstall OS I got problems - one sfz played another not.
Now I have reinstalled one comp because HDD crash and have one sfz played and two another - not.
All sfz's are at right place - "...\Documents\MuseScore2\SoundFonts"
I suppose I break some sfz using rules, but have not idea - what.

Can somebody give me advice?

(two pictures show two scores with different sfz's - one play another not)

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We'd need the score and most probably the SFZs too to investigate.
Could be special characters or spaces in filenames, upper- vs. lower case in filesytem vs. in the SFZ text file, which may work on a case insensible Filesystem/OS and fail on others, so we'd need to know which OS you use too
Your screenshots don't look like being from Windows (case insensitive file system) and also not from Mac (case sensitive file system), so probably is Linux (case sensitive file system). So if you're on Linux, but the SFZ had been build on Windows, without taking care upper and lower case characters in filenames, this could be the reason

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  1. I switched on my old computer - I use it very rare - with W8.1 and Musescore 2.0.3, not 2.1.
  2. Copied three sfz files there, started Musescore, added to synth three sfz and all scores played well !

  1. I restarted Musescore (2.0.3). Opened three scores, added ONE sfz to synth and corresponding score played well.
  2. Then I swithed to another score - It was wrong instrument in mixer (from first sfz), then added to synth second sfz - instruments chnged in mixer to instrument from second sfz - and scond score played with sounds from FIRST sfz.
    5.Restarted Musescore, loaded three sfz in synth and - again - all scores played well.

  1. Switched to newer comp with MS 2.1. Made step 2, but to no effect.

So it looks like there is some problem with 2.0.3 but more serious problem with 2.1
What else?! Can we make some experiments to find problem?

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