Incorrect move in second chord of a tie when moving the first chord

• Mar 29, 2015 - 02:38
S4 - Minor

I'm not good at making a title, so anyone is accepted to tell how the title should be.

When I tie two same chords together, every note in it is tied.
Then, when I try to change the pitch of one of the notes in the first chord, the other note tied with the one I changed didn't move. Instead, another one is moved.
attachment below. Hope everyone understand.

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I assume that it is, since it's only five minutes apart..
well it appears that #53161 is stated more clearly than mine.
But I discovered this bug on my own :P
BTW, I'm from Taiwan~

Wow, what an amazing coincidence then! Especially since I am guessing this bug has been present for a long time.

So, you created your file the same way - you first entered the whole notes, then extended their duration? As far as I can tell, the "regular" ways of entering ties (eg, enter both chords, then select the first and press tie button / key) works correctly.

If so, then we can close this as a duplicate.