Respell pitches mode adds note to chord when input is by mouse.

• Mar 28, 2015 - 13:51
S4 - Minor

It seems that if you enter new notes with the mouse in Replace Pitch mode it adds the note to the chord instead of replacing it.

See this reported issue in Support and Bugs.....

Steps to reproduce.....

1. Start a new score
2. Enter some notes in one of the staves
3. Return the cursor to the beginning
4. Enter Replace Pitch mode (pressing N first if you left note entry mode)
5. Enter some different pitches with the mouse.

Expected result: The notes are replaced.
Actual result: The notes are added to the chord.

Windows 8.1 Pro
MuseScore 2.0 Final


FWIW, it works fine if you press Shift while clicking, which is the usual way of replacing pitches when using mouse entry. Maybe these should be reversed in repitch mode - so no shift replaces, shift adds?

Keyboard entry works as expected in both modes - no shift replaces, shift adds. The main difference with repitch mdoe is that replacing keeps duration rather than taking it from the toolbar. For mouse entry, the situation is simialr - the two modes *currently* work work the same, except it is backwards from keybaord entry: no shift adds, shift replaces. On the assumption that replacing is the whole reason you are in repitch mode, it seems users will indeed expect clicking in repitch mode to replace - no shift required. Yet it seems it would still be good to have the *option* of adding. Hence my suggestion that these flip for mouse entry in repitch mode.

Actually, it doesn't work fine with Shift - you don't get the repitch semantics at all. It enters a new chord using the duration selected on the toolbar, not the duration of the chord you Shift+clicked.

FYI, the fix actually keeps the current behavior where clicking by itself adds to the chord, and you need Shift+click to replace the chord. That's how clicking works normally, it is not obvious that this should change. However, it was not actually working as repitch before - that is, it was not keeping the existing duration, but was instead using the select duration on the toolbar. That is fixed - it really is a true repitch now.