Invisible tempo markings

• Mar 28, 2015 - 12:13


I have noticed that in some scores some features appear "greyed out". I would like to know how this is achieved.

I have a score (version 2.0RC) that changes tempo at several places but I don't want to set definitive speeds in the printed copy. I just want to suggest "faster/slower" (via shift/control T and entering the text). I would like to set an "invisible" tempo marking just so that playback is more representative of what I want (so I don't have to tweak the tempo bar on the play panel as the score plays) but I don't want the "hidden" tempo to be printed, just the written indication.

Can anyone help?
Incidentally I love the latest version. It seems to be very stable

Many thanks to all for a great product.



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On my keyboard (US QWERTY), "v" is right between "c" and "b". I guess it is possible keybaords in some countries don't have this key, but then, how did you type it?

If your keyboard lacks a "v" key, you can also use the Inspector to toggle the visibility of selected elements.

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I thought I was being dim...

Of course I have the 'v' key, but selecting the tempo marking and pressing 'v' didn't seem to work, so I thought I must be being dim about it.

However I have now figured it out with your help. In fact I discover that 'v' is a toggle to make it visible and invisible.

Many thanks


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