Multiple devices signed in to same account?

• Mar 27, 2015 - 03:01

Is it possible for multiple people with the free version of the app to sign into the same account? My organization wants to make around 10 scores available only to the 100 or so members (the scores cannot be public). I figure the best solution would be to create a Pro account for the organization and have members sign in to it, instead of just giving the members the mscz files and requiring them to download the paid version. However, I'm not sure about whether potentially 100 people could use the same account simultaneously. Does anyone know if this is possible?


Sharing your credentials is a very bad idea, especially since you have the Pro account connected with it. That said, we don't have the ideal solution for you yet. The ideal solution starts with creating a closed group on to which you add the private scores. Next you make everyone of your organisation member of this group. This is all possible today already, but where you will have to wait is for the groups feature to be added in the mobile app so app users can easily see all the scores added to a group as well as search through them.

Please reach out to us via so we can learn more about your case and see if we can bump up the release of the groups feature in the app.

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