[Capella import] MuseScore stops reading Capella files at <barline>...<\barline>

• Mar 25, 2015 - 21:27
S4 - Minor

I got a Capella CapXML 2.0 file that is missing some measures when opened in MuseScore 2.0.0 Revision 6e47f74.

Further examination revealed that MuseScore stop reading at the first occurrence of <barline>...<\barline>. When I replace all <barline>..</barline> by <barline /> elements the file get opened successfull.

There are two sort of <barline>..</barline> elements in the Capella file.

  1. Breathe marks
    <text x="-2.46875" y="-1.9375">
    <font face="capella3" height="18" weight="0" charSet="2" pitchAndFamily="0"/>
    <basic scope="system"/>

  2. Repeat counter
    <barline type="repEnd" range="full">
    <text x="-3.78125" y="-2.6875">
    <font face="Times New Roman" height="12" weight="0" italic="true" charSet="1" pitchAndFamily="0"/>


I attached a demonstration file. I trimmed the original Capella file for this purpose.
It contains just 2 measures with 4 half notes, but only one measure with two notes is visible in MuseScore.

If you remove the <barline> ... </barline> element all four notes get visible.

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stop-reading-at-barline.zip 1.49 KB

Unfortunately, MuseScore doesn't support text or breath mark on bar line. So eventually the import of the breath or the text (which I gather are the same in capella) could be a feature request. I will fix the barline reading so MuseScore does not stop when it encounter such a barline.