Keyboard shortcut conflict for changing note duration

• Mar 25, 2015 - 15:54

I like to use the numeric keyboard for changing note durations, so I tried to do this as soon as I started Musescore 2.0 for the first time. It is not allowing me to assign, for example, numpad 3 to 16th note, because it conflicts with the shortcut for the same thing in TAB. There should be no conflict between these two shortcuts, since they are used in different contexts

I also think that the numpad keys should come as default shortcuts for changing note values, together with the 'normal' numbers. But I thing the right place for this would be in feature requests, so I'll post it there.


The problme is, I think, that every keyboard and every OS handles these differently; I'm not sure it is possible to define defaults that always work for everyone.

Anyhow, the issue with MuseScore not detecting the conflict correctly was noticed and fixed too late for the release, apparently. Meanwhile, you can presumably unassign the shortcut for tab.

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Well, about my suggestion, I understand the problem you are pointing, but let's see what others say about it. I think it may be possible to do in a way that will not break things for anyone.

About the problem, if it's already fixed, great! I could not find the commit though. The only recent commit related to shortcuts I could find is this one… and it looks like it's about other problem.

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The PR is here:

It has not yet neen merged.

It may indeed be possible to reliably detect numpad keys on at least some keybaord / OS combinations, and indeed, apparently it *does* work for some such combinations, but not all. I have no idea what might be involved in making it work for more combinations (without breaking any of the ones that currently work), but suspect that is up to Qt.

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