Upgrading issues?

• Mar 24, 2015 - 22:43

(I am not positive this goes here, but...)

So, I upgraded to 2.0, and...

well, the upgrade seems to have munched some of my songs. Some notes won't play at all in 2.0 the way they would in 1.3, and I'm having to rework dynamics entirely from scratch. Being an EXTREMELY amateur compositionist, this really doesn't help me feel like I'm getting better.

Please explain what just happened? Someone?


It's hard to say what might be happening without seeing the actual score you are having difficulty with. In general, scores should improt just fine, and simply look and sound better due to the improvements in layout and playback.

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The notes in question are pushing / outside the range of the instrument you've written for and the soundfont apparently doesn't include samples for those notes. Probably a D should be included, but you've gone beyond that too. You could switch to piccolo or some other sound, but you are probably best off considering whether it makes more sense to stay within the more playable range of the instruments.

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