symbols added to "Repeat measure sign" measure will disapear on reload (win & linux 2.0)

• Mar 24, 2015 - 22:03
S4 - Minor

To reproduce in windows or linux musescore 2.0:
1. new score
2. convert a measure into "Repeat measure sign"
3. Select that measure or specifically the sign
4. press z and add any symbol (or also add a symbol I've put in palette)
5. Observe the symbol is displayed directly above the sign
6. Optionally save as pdf and note that the symbol is still displayed directly above the sign
7. Save as mscz and reload
8. Observe that the symbol has disappeared

expected behavior: wysiwyg before and after saving to mscz and pdf

P.S. I wanted to put the symbol for "2", "3", "4", ... "8" above the repeat measure sign to create multi-measure repeats, and found that the number symbols were always nicely centered above the sign (which wasn't happening with regular staff text), but noticed this bug on reload as well as with any symbols.

maybe this symbol has just got a very extreme x/y offset on reload (i'm suspecting this because in one of my larger scores I saved and reloaded, I see stray symbols, but I don't know if those symbols were ones I put on the repeat measure).


Hmm, I can't reproduce this - symbols attached to repeat measure signs save and reload fine for me. Can you post the score you are having trouble with and precise steps to reproduce?

Status (old) needs info active

Nope, I take it back, I can reproduce. Works fine if the symbol is dragged to the measure (in which case it is internally attached to the measure not the repeat measure sign, probably). Fails if attached to the repeat measure sign via double click.