Added measures pick up following key signatures, when I want to keep current k.s.

• Mar 23, 2015 - 23:41

When I add measures in revision of a piano piece, and these immediately precede a change in key signature, the added empty measures "pick up" the following key signature. (But I want to keep the current key signature through the added measures.) I can't delete this k.s. by highlighting it and hitting "delete". I've tried a couple of other things, and have succeeded in getting rid of the k.s. in one staff, but not the other. Has someone had this problem and solved it? Jack Donovan


In general, deleting a key signature should work just fine. You don't say which version of MuseScore you are using, but in 1.3, it's normal that key changes affects only one staff. You have to make the change to each staff individually.

if you are still having problems, please say what version of MuseScore you are using, and post the score you are having problems and precise steps to reproduce the issue - what you are doing, what you expect to see happen, and what happens instead.

Thank you for your quick reply. I am using Musescore 1.3. I found a workaround before I got to read it. I inserted the new (empty) measures a measure before the key signature change, and thus the new measures retained the k.s. I wanted them to be in. By copying and pasting, I moved the contents of the last measure before the key change to a position ahead of the new measures. I then had to delete the contents of that measure (immediately preceding the key change), but this gave me measures in the correct key. Oddly enough, when I got along to the place where the key change started a measure, that k.s. was no longer present (don't understand this). But it was easy to insert the new k.s. in both staffs by the usual procedure. That may be too complicated, but it worked. I expect to put up the piece tomorrow, if I don't see any glaring faults in it in the morning. It is titled, "Wednesday, Interrupted" and I was trying to insert the three measures now present before bar 21. Thanks again. Musescore has very complicated software, too complicated for me, I think. Jack Donovan

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