Individualized Parts

• Apr 5, 2010 - 01:21

I'm fairly new to the program, so I may be missing this as a feature, but I didn't find anything about it on the help page either. If you write a score for a small ensemble (lets say F, Horn, Baritone, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba). Is there a way to print out/save/make individualized parts for each instrument so that they wouldn't just be reading off a master score? I was thinking of maybe copying and pasting the line into seperate individualized scores, but I don't want to miss anything that could make that process a whole lot easier. Any suggestions?


Go to File > Parts and experiment.

It is still a work in progress with changes expected in future versions. For now it is undocumented.

I have made a score for twelve different people with different instruments to play, and I need to give them their own sheet music. HOW???

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Go to parts
select new
select the necessary options
Understand that Part name will place that info on the score in the appropriate place.
Understand that file name is the name the file will be saved as unless changeCreate Part.

SAVE that part under a new name.

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