Chords did not change down and up all strings in tabulatur

• Mar 22, 2015 - 18:19
S4 - Minor

Using the "Guitar + Tabulatur"-Template:
1. I want to write a "Powerchord" and entered a chord like d'-a'-d" in the note-staff. I get the first chord (0-2-3) in tab and in the screenshot
2. I want to play all notes from a string below. I choose all digit with click an a digit and Shift+click an other
3. Then I hit CTRL+"Arrow down" to get (5-7-7).

When I do CTRL+"Arrow up" on the "5-7-7" I get (12-0--3). Of course this is a possible solution to change the order to a'-d' d'' but hard to play. I tried to picture that in the screenshots first bar.
Normally I would expect that all strings would change if possible.

In the second bar in the screenshot I do strg+down twice and strg+up once. You see an other change in the order and not all strings are changed.

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GIT commit: c68b108

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Status (old) active postponed

There is a number of different goals when converting notes to fret marks; if you search the forum for similar topics, you'll find several requests.

These led to some compromises in this area.

If you are after a specific fretting, by far the easiest and surest way is to enter the notes in the TAB itself, where string and fret can be chosen freely.