Measure properties not saving or crashing

• Mar 22, 2015 - 11:41

There is an option in Measure properties to Always Show the measure number for a given (selected) measure. This works as long the score is open. After saving, closing and re-opening this property is set back to Automatic. See attachment 1.

Now, when Create multimeasure rests is ON, an attempt to navigate to a multimeasure rest using arrow buttons in Measure properties dialog box usually results in a crash. See attachment 2. It is possible to select a multirest and set its properties though directly with right click.

MuseScore 2.0 RC, WIndows 7


I can reproduce the crash for the moment only after generate parts.
1) Open this file: test file.mscz
2) Generate parts -> View "Piano"
3) Click-right on the second measure -> Measure properties
4) Hit right arrow to navigate into the measures
Result: crash

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Seems to be related to a few other crashes that have been associated with mmrests - the original measures never had a chance to be laid out, so their "system" is not set yet.

Could someone file this to the issue tracker please?

EDIT: actually, please file both issues, separately

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Understood, but actually, that code is fine (and I don't say it just because I wrote it :-). I mean, it *should* have worked to select the current measure, which is what my code there is doing; the problem is only that the measure has not yet been laid out because it is inside a multimeasure rest, and some of the code further down the line doesn't know how to handle select a measure that has not been laid out yet.

I'm back oneline now and can file this myself.

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