Slurs & lines disappear or move in the non-rewritten measures on add of time signature

• Mar 22, 2015 - 00:20
S3 - Major

When you attempt to create measures with a different time signature, slurs (and other markings) disappear in the music following the created measures.

Steps to re-create:
1. Create a Treble Clef score with time signature 3/4.
2. Add 3 different quarter notes to measure 3.
3. Create a slur from note 2 to note 3.
4. Drag a 3/4 time signature to measure 3 to protect it from the new time signature that is to be added.
5. Drag a 4/4 time signature to measure 1.

The slur will have disappeared.

I encountered this in the 2.0 RC version when I attempted to insert 4/4 measures at the start of a complex score that was in 3/4. I verified its presence in Nightly Build 90ab8b6. I had tried the final nightly build for 3/21 but found that it immediately crashed. When the previous build also crashed, I figured out that Nightly Builds and the current pre-release build can no longer be run simultaneously. (Is this a feature or a bug?)


Confirmed. And just as bad, voltas, hairpins, and other lines move as well, staying locked I guess to their original measure numbers.

Note the problem only affects the measures that were *not* rewritten. That is, if you had slurs in the measures whoe time signature was change (measures 1-2), the slurs there are updated just fine. Only the ones in the section that was not otherwise altered are affected.

One more observation - and this one makes me feel a lot better: it's only a problem in cases where the time signature change requires adding more beats. In your example here, changing two bars of 4/4 (8 beats total) to 3/4 required adding a beat (3 bars or 3/4 is 9 beats total). Had you changed from 4/4 to 2/4 or vice versa here would have been no problem. So you can actually workaround the problem by adding a beat to the last measure pre-emptively using Measure Properties / Actual duration, or adding another measure first, or anything else that evens out the beat count so it's a multiple of 3.

Thanks for the work-around hint. The work-around that I hit upon was to:
1. Set the 3/4 "protection" time signature,
2. Select and cut the entire work beyond this time signature,
3. Create the 4/4 measures
4. Paste the cut measures back at the measure with the 3/4 "protection" time signature.

It requires a little less understanding of the inner workings of MuseScore. The "protection" time signature is required because time signatures are not carried with cut and paste operations.

Very former issue. I receive exactly the same result on various nightlies through the last 10 months (eg December, October, August and others) until on May 19. Next images produced with this one: 56177c3

Thanks for the investigation. Now that I understand the nature of it a little better, it doens't surprise me it's been around a while. It *does* surprise me a bit no one has noticed or reported it before!

BTW, the "cut and paste" workaround is clever and solves the slur problem nicely, and it works for hairpins and most other lines too, but it won't work for the voltas.