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• Apr 1, 2010 - 03:45
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Hi MuseScore, I need to select the MIDI Output to routing the MIDI through LoopBe1 (A Free Virtual MIDI Driver similar than JACK but only for MIDI) With this feature the Windows users can use external VST to play his music. I've tried to do this with JACK but there are many problems... mainly the latency and the incompatibility of many VST with JACK. This could make easyer the use of external VST and would provide infinity posibilities of conections.
Thank you!


But what I mean is not the posibility to send midi to JACK, what I mean is the posibility to select the MIDI Output as the same as I now select the MIDI Input (from a list of drivers). The posible to select my soundcard MIDI Output from a list directly from MuseScore, for example...

I'm doing some investigation with a view to providing this functionality. I have a question:

Are Jackaudio, Alsaaudio and Portaudio intended to work simultaneously? In the prefs dialog it is possible to check them all, and if that happens it seems that all instantiate a driver of their own flavour (seq::init()) but the seq object only store the address of the last of them. Doesn't that mean the callback loops for all the drivers will be running, each calling seq::process()? But it doesn't look like it can handle that.

My analysis is that either the checkboxes in the prefs dialogue should allow only one selected (ie radio buttons), or the seq object must be changed (can't see how at the moment).

Am I on track?

PS should I be writing this here or on the ML?

You are more likely to have answers on your technical questions on the dev ML or IRC.
As far as I know, Jack, alsa and portaudio do not work in parallel at all.

NO GOOD: as I wrote in # 12726, this is NOT a duplicate, but another question: please, read carefully the last answers in issue #12726...
Thanks a lot!

@Mauro58 While you want to achieve something different, technically, it is the same implementation. So marking as duplicate is kind of fine. We don't want to post in to issues, so @lasconic decided to keep on going in this one.

Implementing this MIDI out feature is currently beyond the focus for MuseScore 2.0. Instead, we are watching the Drumstick project very closely because one day, it might offer the MIDI out solution for MuseScore. What is keeping us from integrating it is that Drumstick is not yet available for all platforms (Win, Mac, Linux).

@Mauro58 I didn't follow up on Drumstick so I don't know about the status there. What I do know is that in the passed time, we did not see a developer come on board trying to tackle this issue. Fingers crossed.


As Musescore can already send midi out via JACK (I can use all my VSTi in Win7 that way), it should not be too difficult (excuse my ignorance here!) to implemet something as:

- MIDI Channel in Staff Text properties: always user definable from 1 to 16
(perhaps with the possibility to define a MIDI port, to overcome the 16 Channels limit...)
- MIDI action: possibility to insert a [CC num,val] or a [PC num] (to begin with... :-)

This is perhaps not "beyond the focus for MuseScore x.0", I hope :-)

Thank you

Thank you for the Midi support.
I am now able to play directly back to my Yamaha Disklavia player piano using just a £5 midi adapter (USB to Midi) from my Linux (Fedora 24) laptop running the nighly build and as a bonus, do so
without using Jack. I just plug in my adapter, select Midi output from Preferences->IO and select PortAudio on.
Device: HDA ATI HDMI:HDMI 2 (hw:1,8)
Midi Input : ALSA, Midi Through Port-0
Midi Output: ALSA CH345 MIDI 1

ALSA Audio is off and Jack Server is off.

It works fine. Thanks so much for providing this functionality. Great product!