[MusicXML import] Four beats put in 3/4 measures if full measure rests badly encoded

• Mar 20, 2015 - 22:26
S4 - Minor

Another problem with importing XML with a PhotoScore source:

When importing and XML file with 3/4 measures, 2.0 RC creates measures with a 3/4 time signature and the three beats that were in each source measure. However, it puts a quarter note rest as a 4th beat of each 3/4 measure.

The problem was originally encountered when importing a PhotoScore produced XML file with a 3/4 section followed by a 4/4 section and concluded in a 3/4 section. Importing this file with MuseScore 1.3 produces a score that looks and plays correctly. However, if this score is then exported as an XML file and then imported by 2.0 RC, the score has 3/4 measures with 4 beats. Saving the score as a .mscz file in 1.3 and opening in in 2.0 results in a good score. It has 3 beats in the 3/4 measures.

If the same PhotoScore scanned score is passed to Sibelius and then exported as an XML file by Sibelius, it is correctly imported by 2.0 RC.

The XML files from PhotoScore, MuseScore 1.3, and Sibelius 6 are attached.


The MusicXML produced by PhotoScore doesn't encode whole measure rests like MuseScore expects them... so MuseScore sees the rests as a 4 beat one and fill the gaps.

The full measure rest is exported by PhotoScore as a rest with type "whole" but duration "3/4". MuseScore assume the "whole" means "4/4" and ignores the duration. Before MusicXML 3.0 the Finale (and MuseScore) convention was to indicate a full measure rest by leaving out the type (meaning that if a type is present, it is assume to be correct).

This could probably be fixed in MuseScore (but not on short notice).