Start, Then Crash

• Mar 31, 2010 - 22:06

Up to a week ago, MS started without any problems. Now, when I click on the icon in my dock, after a longer wait than usual and the appearance of the wait spinner(whatever it is called), the program starts, and after about five to ten seconds, crashes. Multiple attempts have been made, same result. I even downloaded 0.9.6b2 and after uninstalling 0.9.5 clicked on it. I got the same result.
Would have reported it earlier, but had trouble registering for the forum
Sorry, due to frustration with registering trouble, I dumped both '5 and'6--don't remember version number of '6(2811, maybe?).
I use iMac, 800Mhz G4, Firefox 3.5.8, OSX 10.4.11, 1Gb RAM, 65+GB storage left on HD.
Again, program worked perfectly up to a week ago with no problems.
Any suggestions? I would appreciate the help.
P.S. Just to make sure, before sending this, I tried downloading and installing '5 again. Same result.


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This is what I have tried so far:
First, I copied the line and put it into the terminal. Should there be a space either before or after the info(first time using terminal)? If I don't hit enter after copy/pasting, MS starts behind terminal window(no splash screen)>click close term>terminal window AND MS disappear>click MS to start, with same result
Second, copy/pasted into terminal, hit enter>MS starts, with splash screen,then main window with"Procession" behind>in terminal window, below info pasted in, "in stat:no such file or directory" is printed twice>hit close terminal, get message saying closing the window will terminate the following processes inside it: login, tcsh, mscore">
That is where I am at now. Any additional suggestions re: my use of terminal, or anything else?

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