Deleting a 'voice' (?)

• Mar 20, 2015 - 18:46

I have successfully used the online conversion of a pdf to give me a score that opens in musescore 1.3, where I need just the lyric plus the music for a tenor voice.
The pdf I used gave me a piano accompaniment as well, and for my own convenience I should like to delete this.
Is this possible, or do I need to wait to see if version 2.0 allows this ?

Through experiment, I discovered that I can delete individual notes in the piano part, but I can't find a way to delete the actual staff lines as well.
If I select and delete a bar from the piano part, it also deletes the voice part for that bar as well.

I did try copying the top line and pasting it into a new file, but I messed this up several times, and thought I'd put the question first, before having another go.



To remove staves you don't want, press "I" or use (Create / Instruments in 1.3 or Edit / Instruments in 2.0) to bring up the instruments window, delete staves there. This is also where you'd add instruments or rearrange them.

But really, what you probably really want is to generate parts - see File / Parts - so the score remains complete but you also have a part for the instrumetns individually.

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