Musescore VST Plugin

• Mar 20, 2015 - 11:47
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needs info

It would help heaps to have a Musescore VST to open your sheet/midi and to sync with the host tempo & SPP, This would be especially handy for recording and production in the DAW.
Can someone say if it's a pipe dream or if it's entirely possible ?



I think to start with so it's not too much work fully integrating it, just have it as a player that you load the musescoerVST into a DAW track then open any supported musescore file Musescore, Midi, BB, Guitar Pro etc.. in the musescoerVST.
As you can work on, create or edit your score in the standalone first.
As you record/play in your DAW it will sync with the host temp & SPP thus moving the cursor in sync to the host cursor displaying the notation/chords to record, create drum track, fit loops to.
Giving a real time Notation/Chord Track for easy production in any DAW.

Thanks for your interest.

song position pointer
Yes I have seen Jack, most are using ms as master and it is a lot of messing around if you are using your own ASIO recording gear.
I'm looking for something that is easy and straight forward for anyone else to use.

Thanks anyway.

When using JACK, JACK is the timing master for record and playback not MuseScore.

I don't understand why there should be a problem using your own ASIO gear?

You simply set the ASIO to use JACK's ASIO router, and then it works seamlessly with JACK - leastways Sonar X2 does.

It is a little more fiddly if you want to link non ASIO audio apps into the MIDI/audio chain, but that is still doable using Carla and an ASIO bridge app such as VB-Audio.

As I said in your forum discussion, I don't think this is going to be doable as a VST - MuseScore's internal format is a script, not a protocol like VST or MIDI.

In these days of multiple monitors it is perfectly doable to sync MuseScore with your DAW software via JACK and have MuseScore open in one monitor and your DAW open in another.

What may be possible is to be able to start MuseScore playback from the DAW and not have to do it from MuseScore. That would be easier as it simply requires MuseScore to recognise the stop/start and transport messages from JACK, which, I suspect would go a long way towards supporting what you wish for.

Musescore will fit on a small strip above the DAW in Continuous mode on one monitor.
If you could could make a simple step by step guide on how to sync a DAW to MS using Jack under Win that would make things a lot easier.

Maybe it would make more sense to add ReWire capability instead of VST capability to MuseScore. That's essentially the same like JACK, but supported by a lot more DAW's on Windows / Mac.